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Rule – 4 Ball in Play, Dead Ball, Out of Bounds
Rule 11 – The Officials: Jurisdiction and Duties
Appendix A Game-Official Guidelines for Serious On-Field Player Injuries
Appendix B Lightning Policy
Appendix C Concussions
Appendix D Field Diagrams
Appendix E Equipment: Additional Details
Appendix F – Official Football Signals
Appendix G Summary of Penalties
Appendix H Accommodations for Student-Athletes with Disabilities
Part II: Interpretations
Table of Contents for Approved Rulings
List of New and Modified Approved Rulings
NCAA Rules
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The Field

ARTICLE 1. The field is the area within the limit lines and includes the limit lines and team areas, and the space above it (Exception: Enclosures over the field).

Field of Play

ARTICLE 2. The field of play is the area enclosed by the sidelines and the goal lines.

End Zone

ARTICLE 3. a. The end zone at each end of the field is the rectangle defined by the goal line, sidelines and end line.

  1. The goal line and goal line pylons are in the end
  2. A team’s end zone is the one it is defending (A.R. 8-5-1-VII and A.R. 8-6- 1-I).

Playing Surface

ARTICLE 4. The playing surface is the material or substance within the field of play, including the end zones.

Playing Enclosure

ARTICLE 5. The playing enclosure is that area bounded by the stadium, dome, stands, fences or other structures. (Exception: Scoreboards are not considered within the playing enclosure.)

Side Zone

ARTICLE 6. The side zone is the area between the hash marks and the near sideline.

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