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Rule – 4 Ball in Play, Dead Ball, Out of Bounds
Rule 11 – The Officials: Jurisdiction and Duties
Appendix A Game-Official Guidelines for Serious On-Field Player Injuries
Appendix B Lightning Policy
Appendix C Concussions
Appendix D Field Diagrams
Appendix E Equipment: Additional Details
Appendix F – Official Football Signals
Appendix G Summary of Penalties
Appendix H Accommodations for Student-Athletes with Disabilities
Part II: Interpretations
Table of Contents for Approved Rulings
List of New and Modified Approved Rulings
NCAA Rules
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ARTICLE 1. A sideline runs from end line to end line on each side of the field and separates the field of play from the area that is out of bounds. The entire sideline is out of bounds.

Goal Lines and Pylons

ARTICLE 2. The goal line at each end of the field of play runs between the sidelines and is part of the vertical plane that separates the end zone from the field of play. The two goal lines are 100 yards apart. The plane of the goal line



extends between and includes the pylons, which are out of bounds. The entire goal line is in the end zone. A team’s goal line is that which it is defending.

End Lines

ARTICLE 3. An end line runs between the sidelines 10 yards behind each goal line and separates the end zone from the area that is out of bounds. The entire end line is out of bounds.

Boundary Lines

ARTICLE 4. The boundary lines are the sidelines and the end lines. The area enclosed by the boundary lines is “in bounds,’’ and the area surrounding and including the boundary lines is “out of bounds.’’

Restraining Lines

ARTICLE 5. A restraining line is part of a vertical plane that limits a team’s alignment for free kicks. The plane extends beyond the sidelines (A.R. 2-12- 5-I).

Yard Lines

ARTICLE 6. A yard line is any line in the field of play parallel to the end lines. A team’s own yard lines, marked or unmarked, are numbered consecutively from its own goal line to the 50-yard line.

Hash Marks

ARTICLE 7. The two hash marks are 60 feet from the sidelines. Hash marks and short yard-line extensions shall measure 24 inches in length.

Nine-Yard Marks

ARTICLE 8. Nine-yard marks 12 inches in length, every 10 yards, shall be located nine yards from the sidelines. They are not required if the field is numbered according to Rule 1-2-1-i.

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