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Reading the NCAA Football Rules provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the regulations governing collegiate football, fostering a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the game. Students will gain insights into the fundamental principles that underpin fair play, sportsmanship, and the integrity of college football competitions. The rules cover various aspects, including player eligibility, scoring, penalties, and game administration, offering a detailed roadmap for both athletes and enthusiasts to navigate the dynamic landscape of collegiate football. Furthermore, engaging with these rules fosters a sense of responsibility and respect for the sport, instilling in students a commitment to uphold the standards and values set forth by the NCAA. Overall, delving into the NCAA Football Rules not only enhances one’s knowledge of the game but also cultivates a deeper connection to the spirit and ethos of collegiate athletics.

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Course Content

Rule – 4 Ball in Play, Dead Ball, Out of Bounds

Rule 11 – The Officials: Jurisdiction and Duties

Appendix A Game-Official Guidelines for Serious On-Field Player Injuries

Appendix B Lightning Policy

Appendix C Concussions

Appendix D Field Diagrams

Appendix E Equipment: Additional Details

Appendix F – Official Football Signals

Appendix G Summary of Penalties

Appendix H Accommodations for Student-Athletes with Disabilities

Part II: Interpretations

Table of Contents for Approved Rulings

List of New and Modified Approved Rulings

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